Car Fuses

If you are a private motorist who can carry out simple checks and repairs for yourself then we can supply car fuses directly to you. We can also help if you are a mechanic or garage owner looking to buy car fuses in bulk from our vast range to help maintain customer vehicles.

We have access to a huge stock available with next day delivery and great prices. We offer a 90-day money back guarantee on all fuses bought from us.

If you are just looking for one or two fuses in any size that’s fine and we also supply fuse sets which will give you a great stock of options at big savings on price.

Apart from standard car fuses we can supply fuses that light up using LEDs to show that they have blown making it so much easier to spot which one has blown.

To find the Fuses for your car just type “Car Fuses” into the Search Box below.

What are Car Fuses?

Car fuses are a type of fuses used to stop your cars internal wiring from overheating or becoming overloaded. They act as a failsafe that will trigger and “blow” rather than allow a potentially bigger problem to arise.

Changing a blown fuse is a lot less trouble than having a major electrical failure in your vehicle.

In a worst-case scenario, an electrical overloaded wire could melt or even worse start to burn. A fire inside your car is unlikely but very dangerous when it happens, so every circuit has its own individual fuse to protect it.

All cars, vans, motorhomes etc have some bigger fuses with higher amperage ratings for things like power steering and the air con fans.

Fuse Removal Tools

A lot of modern cars have a minimum of two fuse boxes, one is usually under the bonnet, often near the battery and another one inside the vehicle.
If anything in your vehicle that has an electrical component stops working the first thing to double check is that the fuse hasn’t blown. If you refer to the owner’s manual it should have a map so you can locate the fuse box, or a quick search online should be able to provide the help you need in finding it.

Car Fuse Pullers

A lot of cars provide a tool to enable you to safely remove the fuses so you can check them. If you need one you can buy a blade glass fuse puller/insertion tool here. Also sometimes called needle-nose pliers. Once you’ve removed the fuse you can just check it by looking at it.

Common fuses to blow are the one that’s for the cigarette lighter socket. These day with people charging phones and sat navs all the time they get a lot more use than they’re designed for. (Just lighting the occasional cigarette)

Digital Multimeters

You may also find a digital multimeter for car battery circuit testing as well as help with your fuses to be a good addition to your toolkit. If you use one of these multimeter’s if there is 12 Volts on both sides of the fuse, the fuse is perfectly fine. When using a multimeter you can just measure the voltage of both blades of the fuse. You can also use a multimeter to check the fuse resistance which can come in handy.


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