Glass Fuses

Although still manufactured and available, Glass Fuses were used to protect the electrical circuits in many forms of transport which would nowadays be classed as vintage or classic vehicles.

Originally referred to in the automotive industry as AG (All Glass), they are also referred to as AGA, AGC, AGU, AGW and AGX.

Also available are the SFE (Society of Fuse Engineers) type Glass fuse.

The dimensions of these Glass Fuse types (in fractions/inches) are normally available in the following sizes:

Small Radio Type Glass Fuses

1a – 20mm x 5mm
2a – 20mm x 5mm
3a – 20mm x 5mm
5a – 20mm x 5mm
10a – 20mm x 5mm

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Larger Type Glass Fuses
Glass fuses are available with a blow amperage of 2a to 50a

2a – 30mm x 6mm
5a – 30mm x 6mm
10a – 30mm x 6mm
15a – 30mm x 6mm
20a – 30mm x 6mm
25a – 30mm x 6mm
35a – 30mm x 6mm
50a – 30mm x 6mm

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Glass Fuses From

British Fuses (Lucas Type)

The LUCAS type (also an old fuse) is of similar appearance to Glass Fuse, but that is where the similarity ends.

Available in two different lengths, 1″ (inch) or 1-1/4″ (inch), the information stamped onto the Lucas fuse can be confusing. Basically, the figure displayed is that of twice the continuous amp rating that the specific electrical system should be using.

Therefore, you should divide the (“stamped”) figure by 2, which will give you the protected circuit continous amperage.

Also independently colour coded, in the following ratings:

1.5A (3A) – Blue
2.25A (4.5A) – Yellow
2.5A (5A) – Red on Yellow
3A (6A) – Green
4A (8A) – Brown
5A (10A) – Red on Green
5A (10A) – Green on Black
6A (12A) – Red on Brown
7.5A (15A) – Light Brown
12.5A (25A) – Pink
17.5A (35A) – White
25A (50A) – Purple on Yellow
30A (60A) – Yellow on Red

Although we do not stock these older types of fuse, we can organise your supply of glass fuses if required with just a few days notice

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